Transforming mens lives in 60 days by taking a break from alcohol


Are you sober curious?

Do you ever think what you might be capable of if you didn't drink alcohol?

Are you just fed up feeling average and want to make a change?

60 Day Programme Structure

  • We begin by discussing your goals and desires. We need to both understand why you’re here and how alcohol is negatively impacting your life.

  • Our next aim is to work out your big WHYS. Why do you want to break the cycle of alcohol?

  • We address your relationship with alcohol. This is achieved through a blend of coaching and reflective practice.

  • Take back control of your health. We will help you get in the best shape of your life. You will achieve physical goals that you have previously not been able to achieve due to not maintaining consistency. This includes weight loss and athletic achievements.

  • We work with you to develop your relationships so that they will be so much more authentic and rich.

  • We will help you set professional goals so you will be more consistent and perform at your highest level.

  • Say goodbye to the dreaded hangovers by sticking to the 60 day challenge of no booze for 60 days.

  • We work with you to reduce anxiety and feelings of regret. This is achieved through our 30 days of vlogs that address causation and how to take action.

  • Save money by not wasting it on booze and associated costs.

  • No more regretful emotions from acting like a di*k when you're drunk.

Reshaping Your Life

I am focusing solely on men that want to tackle or change their relationships with alcohol. Other coaches talk about a wider set of aims, mine is solely aimed at alcohol in the first instance. Without removing alcohol from your life you will not have a foundation to build from.Once we address alcohol and how it negatively affects your life we can begin to build on all the goals, hopes and dreams that you want in your life.

Alcohol Free-Living

Helping men be their best versions.

Transforming Lives:

Helping Men Break Free from Alcohol with my 60 day program.