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60 Day Alcohol Free Challenge.

Our 60-day alcohol-free programme is exclusively designed for professional men seeking to take a break from alcohol, we take a personalised, holistic, one-on-one approach.

We understand that each journey is unique, so we tailor our guidance to your individual needs. Together, we focus on not just abstaining from alcohol but also cultivating positive habits in exercise, diet, mindset, and gratitude.

Goal setting, and achieving these goals in central to the programme. Once alcohol is removed from your life we can help you achieve your life goals.

Each man's journey is unique, however alcohol's relentless hold remains consistent .

Alcohol doesn't care about your hopes, dreams and aspirations. It's only by taking a break from alcohol that your hopes can truly materialise. That's precisely what we work on while instilling fresh, positive routines in your life.

Are you ready to break free from the chains of alcohol and embark on a transformative journey? Our commitment is to guide you through a 60-day life-changing experience, where you will witness a profound shift in your overall well-being, and ultimately set yourself free from booze.

✨ Our Promise: A Total Life Transformation

We guarantee that, in just 60 days, you will undergo a remarkable transformation, leaving you looking, feeling, and performing at your absolute best. This is not just about quitting alcohol; it's about unlocking your true potential and achieving success in every pillar of your life. Taking Back control can be the most empowering feeling you will experience. 

I am focusing solely on men that want to tackle or change their relationships with alcohol. Other coaches talk about a wider set of aims, mine is solely aimed at alcohol in the first instance. Without removing alcohol from your life you will not have a foundation to build from. Once we address alcohol and how it negatively affects your life we can begin to build on all the goals, hopes and dreams that you want in your life.

🤝 Our Guarantee

If, after 60 days, you don't experience a remarkable transformation in your life, including enhanced mindset, improved relationships, newfound clarity, substantial financial savings, better sleep and weekends filled with productivity, we offer a full refund, no questions asked.

We are that confident in the power of our program to holistically reshape your life. Are you ready to rewrite your story and become your best version? Join the Alcohol-Free Transformation Program today.


So many men find themselves in a rut and without purpose.

Its this lack of purpose that leads to being unhappy and feeling unfulfilled.

This feeling can be crushing, wanting to break free from this feeling but being lured back in again and again by alcohol.

So many men have identified that alcohol is the reason that they cannot break free from this cycle.


With over a decade of dedicated coaching experience, I bring a profound understanding of the unique journey that men on the path to recovery face.

Having walked in your shoes, I know the struggles and challenges firsthand. My approach is rooted in compassionate listening, free from judgement, as I genuinely get what you're going through.

I'm here to support you, challenge you when needed, and guide you towards a brighter, alcohol-free future. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey toward a healthier, more fulfilling life.



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I don't want to quit booze forever

You don't need to think about forever, All we're aiming at is a 60 day challenge. Let's break it down and see how we get on in this 60 day period. After you have reached this goal you can re access. It's only by removing alcohol from our lives that we can truly see the negative impact it can have on us.

I don't have the cash to spend on coaching.

What are you spending currently on booze, nights out, taxis etc?Further more, how much would you pay if you could be done with shitty hangovers, anxiety and poor performance? What would you pay to be free of anxiety from booze and regretful feelings? What price would taking no action cost you? How many more missed opportunities are you willing to lose?

I could do it by myself.

You could, but you've tried before and not succeeded. Working with a coach like me, brings in accountability, motivation and challenge. You are 80% more likely to succeed with a coach vs without.

I need to check with my partner before going ahead with the challenge

Would your partner be happy if you started and completed this challenge? They would be delighted!!!

What if I "slip" on the Programme

We deal with it and move on!! Learn from our mistakes.

Is it confidential?

100% from my end.

I don't need to make changes so much

You already know you do, otherwise we would be having this chat. You know you are capable of so much more.

What do I do after the 60 days?

We have several options after the 60 days. This includes ongoing 1-1 support, group coaching and community group.

Transforming Lives:

Helping Men Break Free from Alcohol with my 60 day program.